Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Blog

I finished college at a BS Computer Science. Looked for a job, got a job at Keane, and stead had a job at Keane and liked my life. I purchase a house, new cars and more. Married my smart, beauty, funny, reading, businesswoman and all there the all the best that I needed. Lori had a business, The Bee Folks. Lori and I needed space, bought a bigger house and office. Also, the house has a pool, land and deer. Jeanie, sister-in-law, like me, and wanted a party birthday at July 4. So, I cleaned the pool and all needed those setups. At the ending to cleaning in the kitchen and moved boxes in the attic. It was too tired, dropped stuff, so, I went to bed. Lori, wake up and ask, “Are you did?” Is said, “Yes, muffff”. Lori said, “A you Ok? I said, “Yes, muffff”. Lori said, “…..” I couldn’t hear what she said. Lori drives me to the hospital. When I was there, in a wheelchair, I went to sleep.

I found that I had a stroke. The left brain has a little dead area, at little part Wernicke area that language skills, like hear, talk, read and write. Math is worked well enough, but sentence questions did not work. At the first time, I can't hear words, can't talk, can't read or write. A stoke has a name, Aphasia.

I thought that I could be better about a month. After 2 week, I need more time, 3 months. Again, I think needs after 3 months and again and again…. Now, its 2 years and 5 months, I am better, but I need more. With time for 2 years, I back for writing and return back college for another 2 years. Since had a class one or two each year, I keep new ideas computers or other IT.

After 2 years, 5 months at a stroke as aphasia, I learn. Lori and I had a baby, Rowan. She is talking too. Lucky, I’ll catch ahead.